Jade rollers are used by Chinese doctors and health care practitioners. and many people internationally.  They are pure and natural Chinese jade, purchased by the jade carver in China, who purchases the jade directly from the jade mine. The jade rollers are hand carved to high standards.  The size may vary slightly because they are hand carved.  Jade is natural and will vary in color as shown in the main photo.
Prices are shown for each model.  Prices may change due to costs of jade, cost of materials and workmanship. Also the rate RMB to USD may change.

Large Double Rollers Jade Roller
Deluxe double jade roller  Size is approximately 5.5 inches, small head 1 inch, larger roller head 2 inches.
The metal roller holder is good quality.    Prices per quantity:
25-49  43 RMB ($6.11 USD)
50-99  38 RMB  ($5.40 USD)
100-199  33 RMB  ($4.70 USD)
200-499  29 RMB  ($4.12 USD)
500-1000  25 RMB  ($3.55 USD)

Medium jade roller, size is approximately 3.5 inches, and the roller is 2 inches
Handle is also jade.  Each slightly different.  Price per quantity:
25-49 34 RMB ($4.85 USD)
50-99  30 RMB  ($4.26 USD)
100-199  26 RMB  ($3.70 USD)
200-499  23 RMB  ($327 USD)
500-1000  20 RMB  ($2.85) 

Small Jade Roller
Small jade roller is approximately 3 inches, the roller head is 1"
The handle is also jade.  Good to use in small areas of the body,
and with babies and children.  Each slightly different.  Price per quantity:
25-49  31 RMB  ($4.40 USD)
50-99  27 RMB  ($3.85)
100-199  24 RMB  ($3.41)
200-499  20 RMB  ($2.85)
500-1000  18 RMB  ($2.56 USD)