small jade roller wholesale

Small size jade roller

Small size jade rollers are often used on babies, children and small body parts.  
The one inch roller a good size to use on the face, smooth and easy to use to avoid any damage of skin or blood vessel breakage.  Use on hands and toes to get into the small spaces. 
Important to know:  it is becoming popular to use jade gua sha tools, rose quartz gua sha tools on the face, but scraping on the face can cause skin damage, and break small blood vessels, causing damage instead of beauty.  Jade rollers are very safe to use.

Medium size jade roller

Medium size jade roller

Medium size jade rollers are good size for larger areas on children, as well as adults. 
The roller is approximately 2 inches, and the hand-sized handle makes it easy to use, 
get to body parts to roll and smooth the meridians so the body qi flows smoothly for 
health.  This size is easy to carry when you travel so you can have the benefits of using
a jade roller while you are traveling, away from home.

double jade roller

Large double roller

Large size jade rollers are used by Chinese medicine doctors to smooth the qi flow throughout the entire body.  This double jade roller is the most popular and purchased by most people because it combines the small 1 inch roller with the 2 inch roller and a substantial, sturdy handle between the rollers so you can easily switch between sizes.